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01 January 2020 @ 01:49 pm
09 April 2011 @ 10:02 am
I've watched several movies over the last month, but never got around to posting a review. So here's hoping I remember them well enough.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

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07 April 2011 @ 06:39 am

My DVD Collection

A list of all the DVDs I own. To assist my friends in seeing which movies to borrow.

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26 February 2011 @ 06:06 pm
Time for another of my movies that I own but haven't seen until now.

Beauty & The Briefcase (2010)

Summary: Hilary Duff (can't remember her character's name... Lane!) is a freelance writer who dreams of writing for Cosmopolitan. She also dreams of finding her "magic man" (yes, that's a direct quote) who possesses the 10 items on her checklist for falling in love. When she finally gets a meeting with Cosmo, she's desperate to throw out a story idea they'll actually like. She'll get a job in the business world, date every man in the office, and find her "magic man" (because he must be hiding in the business world if she hasn't found him yet). She gets a job, dates a bunch of guys, falls for a guy who turns out to be lying (surprise! or not), and eventually falls in love with the guy who you knew she'd end up falling for - her cute and adorable boss who meets none of her checklist items.

Positives: The cute and adorable boss (Tom?) is pretty adorable. After 30 minutes into the movie, I figured she'd fall for him, and I was hoping it was true because I liked him. He was a normal and adorable guy. The kind of nice guy you hope you'll meet one day. Otherwise, it was a very cliche and cheesy movie. But it was enjoyable. And I smiled and laughed a few times (I think during Tom scenes). Oh, and her photographer roommate was kinda cool. It wasn't TOO unrealistic with office life (a bit, but not as bad as these TV movies usually are). Oh, and for some reason, I loved that Tom's nickname for Hilary Duff was "Ab Fab." OH! And the actor who played her co-worker/team member/desk mate was awesome. He played the character perfectly. He definitely stole most of the scenes he was in. And I loved how much he wanted a chair that spins.

Negatives: Hilary Duff acts just like Hilary Duff always does, and delivers 75% of her lines with the same smirk on her face. Her model friend had a horrible fake accent. The thing that sticks out as annoying me the most is how EVERY guy in her office (and there's lots of them) is single and ALWAYS checking-her-out/asking-her-out ALL. THE. TIME. It's seriously ridiculous. Most of the dozens (and dozens) of guys in her office are cute. And ALL of them are falling all over themselves to get with her. Seriously?!? It was ridiculous. And I don't understand the title of the movie. I know she gets a fab briefcase from her friends, and obviously the movie thinks she is the biggest beauty in NYC. I don't know... It's a play on Beauty & The Beast and the plot doesn't really have anything similar with Beauty & The Beast.

Keep or Toss: Keep. It was cute and I'd watch it again when I'm looking for a light and cheesy movie. Plus, I just have a digital copy, so it's not like I have a DVD that I could sell for money...
Rating: Eh, 3.5 out of 5. The boss is adorable and he makes Hilary Duff seem not too annoying.
13 February 2011 @ 07:13 pm
So... it's been at least 3-5 weeks since I've watched the next two movie entries. So hopefully I remember them enough to rate them critically.

Only You (1994)

Summary: When Faith was a young girl, a Ouija board told her the name of her soul mate (Damon Bradley). Now in her mid-30s, Faith is getting married to a boring lawyer (or is he a doctor? foot doctor, I think). One afternoon, she gets a phone call from her one her fiance's friends who is traveling to Europe for the three-day weekend... and his name is Damon Bradley. So she drags her friend to the airport and flies to Europe to try and find this guy on a cross-continent road trip. While searching, she runs into a guy (Robert Downey Jr) who says HE is Damon Bradley, the guy she's been searching for. Turns out, he just said this because he fell in love with her when he first saw her. Adventures and more mistaken identities occur, while Faith struggles with her feelings for this guy who isn't Damon Bradley, but just might be her soul mate...

Positives: Robert Downey Jr is at his typical and awesome RDJ-ness. Bonnie Hunt is pretty funny as the friend. And RDJ infuses his charm into the last 75% of the movie and helps make it cheesily awesome. It's funny, and cute, even when it's predictable.

Negatives: This movie is full of pure mid-90s cheesy fashion (or is that a positive?). The cars, the suits, the dresses. Marisa Tomei tries her hardest and is charming, but you kinda can't help but not like Faith sometimes. I mean, I get the whole searching for your soul mate thing. But she is just so MEAN to RDJ who is trying his charmingest to win her over.

Keep or Toss: Keep. Full of cheese, but really awesome in its own way. And RDJ is... RDJ.
Rating: 3/5. Cheesy, and I don't know if Faith really deserves RDJ. But it's cute.
02 January 2011 @ 10:18 pm

Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Summary: William Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers whose families are enemies of each other. They meet, they fall in love, they marry. Romeo is banished from the city. Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris. Juliet fakes her death. Romeo, thinking she's really dead, poisons himself. Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead and kills herself. Tragedy. But Baz Luhrmann does his freaky thing and updates it to modern times.

Positives: It's a classic and tragic love story, one of the best. The movie, however... Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes have good chemistry and their scenes are sweet and lovely. It's nice to bring the classic story to modern times. The end was beautiful in all its expected tragedy.

Negatives: This is one of the movies I bought but have not watched until now. I remember everyone loving it when it first came out. (But maybe that's just because everyone was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio?). I think it was on sale for dirt cheap, so I bought it. I knew it was a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. But I didn't realize that they stuck with the original script! It was really hard to decipher what everyone was saying - even with subtitles. Mercutio was very strange. I just found it hard to truly enjoy because of the script. And a lot of the Montague boys were annoying, stupid, and weird.

Keep or Toss: Sadly, probably toss. Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes are great in the movie, but overall, I just didn't get it.
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. I wish it had been made with modern language. And I just don't really understand Baz Luhrmann's films.
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12 December 2010 @ 05:03 pm

An Education (2009)
Summary: Jenny is a teenager in 1960s England studying hard to get into Oxford. One day she meets David, a charming older man. He shows her things she never knew before. Classical concerts, trips to Oxford, weekend getaways to Paris. It's all so sweet and charming. And it, of course, doesn't have a fairy tale ending. I could say more... but I've realized I don't want to spoil the movies for anyone reading this.

Pros: I hadn't seen this movie before. I bought it dirt cheap at a Movie Gallery that was going out of business. I knew it got critical acclaim and was nominated for some Oscars. So I figured it would probably be one of those artsy films that I usually end up hating, even though the critics love it. But I didn't! I actually quite enjoyed it. David and Jenny have a cute relationship. David is very charming. He didn't seem like an older creep taking advantage of a 16 year old. I truly believed they cared about each other. The intimate scenes were really quite sweet and realistic. I actually liked David after a few scenes when I realized he wasn't a creep. It's well acted, well written. I loved all the 1960s dresses!!

Cons: David's friend (Danny?) kind of creeped me out and I kept waiting for him to do something awful. The Jenny-at-school scenes could have been a bit better. I knew she was working towards Oxford, but I didn't really get a feel for her schooling. Jenny was pretty naive (but she's 16 and in love for the first time, so of course she is...). I knew it probably wasn't going to have a happy ending, and I was waiting for something to shatter David's charming image. But I was heartbroken when the ending actually happened. (Even though David did seem to care and seemed broken up about losing her).

Keep or Toss: Eh. I don't know. I'm not eager to try and get rid of it. But I'm not dying to keep it either. If I had seen it before buying it, I probably wouldn't have bought it.
Rating: 3/5. It's worth seeing and is a good story about first loves and being caught up in the excitement of being with someone you shouldn't be with. But it's not something I would have bought. I'd willingly watch it again, though.
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18 October 2010 @ 11:29 pm
The next movie for my project... Again, not alphabetical order, but one I bought recently.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) (on Blu-Ray)
Summary: Belle is an independent bookworm with a kooky inventor (Maurice) for a dad. She's not really understood by people in her town, though she does catch the eye of the "dreamy" showboat Gaston. Maurice gets lost on his way to some sort of inventor's fair/convention and takes refuge in an enchanted castle with talking candlesticks and clocks and a cursed prince-turned-Beast. The Beast takes Maurice as prisoner, and eventually Belle offers to be the Beast's prisoner in return for her dad's freedom. The Beast says yes, because he's trying to break a curse that says he has to love someone and they have to love him back or else he'll remain a beast forever. Belle stays at the castle for some undetermined amount of time and they end up falling in love. The Beast lets Belle go, because he loves her and doesn't want to keep her as a prisoner. Once Belle gets back to town, Gaston has bribed the head of the insane asylum to lock up Maurice so Belle will marry him (how twisted is that, Gaston?). Long story short, Gaston and the townspeople find out about the Beast and get their pitchforks to go kill him. Belle runs to save the Beast and finds him battling with Gaston. Gaston stabs the Beast and it looks like he might die. Belle tells him she loves him and then the curse is broken. And they all lived happily ever after.

Positive: Come on, it's a classic! Great songs. Great story. Oh - and on Blu-Ray - the movie is BEAUTIFUL. Really, really gorgeous in high-definition. I highly recommend seeing it on Blu-Ray. The colors are exquisite.

Negative: (1)I'm kind of annoyed when Maurice ignores the pleas of his horse and decides to take the "shortcut", even though it's dark and misty and scary looking. When he gets lost in the woods and starts to get attacked by wolves, he then blames it all on Phillipe. Hello! He tried to warn you! (2)I guess the biggest negative is the ending. I don't like when everyone becomes human again. Lumière is really funny looking. Why does the 60 year old Mrs. Potts have a 3 year old son? The worst of all is the Beast! You learn to love him as a Beast, and when he turns human, he just... isn't how I pictured him. He's not handsome. He's funny-looking, and doesn't really match the charming personality we've grown to love throughout the movie. I kind of really hate the human version of the Beast.

Keep or Toss Keep. Definitely. It's one of my favorite Disney movies. A lot of Disney movies are cheesy and unrealistic. Even though it's about a cursed Beast, it's still kinda realistic. Belle is at the castle for quite a while before she falls in love with the Beast. They get to know each other and fall in love. Most Disney movies, it's love at first sight. So I kind of like that they grow as friends, and then fall in love.
Rating Compared to Disney movies - 5 out of 5. One of the absolute best animated movies. Compared to all movies - I would give it a 4 out of 5. It's about as perfect as it could be. There's not much they could do to make the movie better.
18 October 2010 @ 07:47 pm
Makes me wonder how reliable forensic science is...

I really don't think Paul McCartney died in 1966 - that conspiracy theory is just a bit too out there for me.
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17 October 2010 @ 01:59 pm
My first entry for my 400+ DVDs project. It's not in alphabetical order, but I'm thinking I might skew from that rule occasionally. And I'm stealing pictures from IMDb and linking to the movie's page.

First Daughter (2004)
Summary: Katie Holmes (pre-Tom Cruise) plays the president's daughter going off to college. She just wants to be a normal girl and have normal (PG-rated) college experiences. She butts heads with her I want to be the center of attention roommate. She falls for the cute RA on her floor who (surprise!) ends up being one of her secret service agents. The plot is very similar to "Chasing Liberty" with Mandy Moore - which also came out in 2004. Katie Holmes' character is naive, but less annoying than Mandy Moore's character. The script is marginally better written. I liked "Chasing Liberty" as well, but I think I like "First Daughter" more.

Positive: Katie Holmes (pre-Tom Cruise) is a sweetheart. Michael Keaton makes a cool president and he's a great dad. I wish I had that kind of relationship with my dad. Cute RA/Secret Service Agent is very cute. Katie Holmes & Secret Service Agent have pretty great chemistry and a pretty normal, healthy relationship (if you forget about that whole "lying about who I really am" part). It's got some really cute parts and it made me smile quite a few times.

Negative: (1)The I want to be the center of attention roommate is ANNOYING. Super-annoying. (2)Several times (at least four), the filmmakers think they're being cool by doing these weird transition shots. They zoom up on the person's face, then zoom out and (even though the background is the same), the scene has changed. (3)The president, tabloids, and the country are SHOCKED! at some of the college experiences she has, even though they really aren't that shocking (water slide on campus? come on!).

Keep or Toss: Keep. I don't and won't watch it very often, but it's a cute, uber-cheesy and clean romantic comedy that can cheer you up.
Rating: Eh, probably 3 out of 5 stars. Not the best movie ever made. Not very well-written or well-acted. But it's still a cute and cheesy movie.