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400+ DVDs. How many do I like?

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The name is Becky. The age is 26. I was a livejournal junkie a couple years ago when I was obsessed with David Cook, Prison Break, Jericho, and many other things. My obsessions have now died down. Current TV shows aren't as good as my collection of TV shows on DVD. But I'm back. And I'm looking for new fandoms and obsessions.

The Project

I've spent my working years dutifully building up my DVD collection. I own 400+ movies. Some I love and watch all the time. Some I enjoy and watch occasionally. Some I think I enjoy. Some I bought after seeing it once and have never watched it since. Some I bought before watching (some good, a lot bad). And there's still some that I've never seen (some purchased recently, some I've had for years and have never been "in the mood" to watch). So along comes my project. I want to watch all my movies. See how many I still like. See which ones I loved but forgot about. See which ones I thought I liked and now don't know why. See which ones I can just get rid of. Sometimes I may watch a movie just because I'm in the mood. But when I'm looking for a movie to watch, I want to avoid favoritism or leaving the worst for last. So I'll be watching the movies in alphabetical order. So join me on my journey. I think it's gonna be fun. At the very least, it gives me a goal to work towards. And a way to spend my downtime.

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